About Us

Aldeghi Srl is a precision mechanical workshop specialized in tools and dies manufacturing and production of precision details based on drawing.

The products are intended for stamping presses, stamping-forming machines, or special machines producing precision metal components.

Our History

Aldeghi Srl was founded in 1983 by Pietro Aldeghi. He took over the machine shop where he worked, sensing its potential.

Over the years, his three sons, Cesare, Fabio and Giacomo, joined him to manage the different areas of the company.
Over time, the company grew and moved twice, first in 1996 and then in 2002, to expand into a larger workspace.

Today, Aldeghi Srl is proud to have been a tool maker for over 40 years.

Over the years, we've built many tools and used numerous different techniques.
We've seen the development of new technologies, new materials, and we've participated in the innovation of new machining methods.

Aldeghi Srl has assisted cutting-edge companies and industry leaders in the producing stamped sheet metal parts.

Our extensive experience acquired over the years, the technical skills of our employees, and the continuous desire to grow and improve combined and translated into proficiency serving our customers.

Our objective is to offer a high-performing, precise, long-lasting product: the right tool for your job.

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